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Parent and Student Handbook

About Wealthy

The staff and parents of Wealthy Elementary School are dedicated to creating and maintaining our school as one of the best elementary schools in Michigan. Through collaboration among teachers, parents, and community, we have created a strong curriculum with enrichment opportunities, a commitment to arts and culture, community service, and an emphasis on recognizing the strengths of all of our students. 
Academic achievement, involved parents, experienced and creative staff involved in on-going training, and a wonderful school building with a 900-seat auditorium, large classrooms, and a swimming pool characterize Wealthy Elementary School.

Absences & Notifications

Student absences must be submitted online through Skyward Family Access.  A student's absence can be submitted in advance as well as the day of an absence.  Parents should use this online system to record student attendance information as absences are not received on an attendance phone line at the building office.

Please find detailed instructions for submitting an absence for your student here.  Online attendance works together with Skylert to create a complete system of reporting and alerts for parents. Skylert will also be used to broadcast emergency alerts and attendance notifications via phone call, e-mail and/or SMS (text message).

Parents can log into Skyward and customize their Skylert settings at Detailed instructions for customizing your settings  can be found by clicking here. All parents and guardians have a Skyward Family Access login. If you do not remember how to access your account or do not know your account information, go to the Skyward Login and click the Forgot your Login/Password? link.

Bicycles and Scooters

Bikes and scooters must be walked/carried when on school property. While at school, bikes must be locked in the rack provided outside the building. 
When not on school property, students are asked to ride bicycles on the sidewalks at all times. All cyclists must wear safety helmets as required by Title X, Chapter 105, of the Code of the City of East Grand Rapids. Your student's bicycle should be licensed through the East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety.

Birthday Celebrations

We request that any birthday invitations be delivered away from school. Decorating lockers on birthdays or special occasions is not allowed, and birthday party invitations should be sent through the mail and not handed out at school. Please send birthday balloons/flowers to the student’s home and refrain from having them delivered to school.

Board of Education

  • Click here for the current East Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education Members
  • Click here for Board of Education Policy

Checking In/Out

All parents and/or visitors need to sign in/out in the main office. Parents and visitors may not enter the building without signing in first. All parents and visitors are required to wear a badge while in the building. In order to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, the office will deliver forgotten lunches or other articles to your child's classroom or locker.


Click here for curriculum information.

Dogs at School

When picking up your child at school, please do not bring your dog into school or on the playground.

Electronic Devices

Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices (Board Policy #8320)
While in attendance at school students are required to solely use the districts network during the instructional day. Doing so ensures a safe learning environment for all of our students.  Failure to comply will result in disciplinary measures. 

Students may be in possession of electronic communication devices subject to the terms of this policy and the administrative rules of the District.  Such devices shall be used for instructional purposes and such use is at the expressed permission of a teacher and/or administrator.   Electronic devices shall not be used at school-sponsored events where there is a reasonable expectation of quiet attentiveness, where use of the device would cause disruption, unless there is a bona fide health or safety emergency or unless specifically approved by a school official for a special circumstance. 

Electronic devices such as, but not limited to:  cell phones, iPods, cameras, tape/CD players, video games, video players, MP3 players, etc., and their attachments are not permitted for use by students while they are in a classroom or other academic setting unless given permission to use such a device by a teacher or administrator. Misuse of such devices will result in confiscation.   

Use of a camera and/or camera/video feature on an electronic device is prohibited in bathrooms, locker rooms, changing areas, or any other spaces where privacy would be expected.  In addition, a camera/video feature on an electronic device may only be used for educational purposes. 

Students violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action (under the procedures for discipline as outlined in Board Policy #8383).  The administration shall promulgate rules to enforce this policy at the building level.

Fire & Tornado Drills

Five fire drills, two tornado drills, and three code red lock down drills are conducted each school year. An evacuation drill is conducted bi-annually. A map is located in each classroom, which guides the teacher’s route out of the building and to their location on the playground. Safe places to seek shelter during a tornado are also highlighted on this map.

Food Service

Click here to view the current lunch menu as well as other relevant food service information.

Health Regulations

A. Children enrolling in any Michigan public school for the first time (i.e., incoming Kindergartners and new students) are required to be examined by a physician before the opening of school and also provide proof of vision screening.
State law requires that certain immunizations be provided and that school records show they have been met. Exclusion from school is the alternative mandated by the state. As our local intent and desire is to keep children in school, parental attention to this matter is a necessity.
B. Hearing Screening of children in grades Kdg., 2nd and 4th and Vision Screening for students in grades 1st, 3rd and 5th are made during the school year. Children at other grade levels, as observed by teachers or parents, may be referred for screening. Children who show definite problems in these areas are referred for correction through parents.

C. We ask that each child have on file in the school office a parent Consent for Emergency Care document, which enables a designated local hospital to provide emergency care in the event we cannot reach the parent. Please be sure you have completed this portion of the Enrollment Form for each child.
D. An accident report is made out at school for each child involved in a mishap. This report is filed in the principal's office the day of the accident. Parents are notified as soon as possible if the injury is in need of medical attention.
E. Administration of Medication
School Administration of Medication-Prescription
Prescription medication to be given at school must be delivered by the parent/guardian in a container with a pharmacist’s printed label, specifying:
1. The child’s full name;
2. The name of the medication and the dosage;
3. The time of day medication should be administered; and
4. The name of the physician.
A permission form must be on file with the school office, containing above information.
School Administration of Medication –Nonprescription
A permission form must be on file with the school office, containing all information indicated above, and must be signed by the parent/guardian. The medication must be delivered to the school office by the parent/guardian in the original container, labeled with the student’s name. This form can be found here.
F. A child must be fever-free without the aid of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to school. 

Healthy Snacks

Please be cautious when preparing treats for a classroom. Many students have food allergies so it is important to make arrangements with teachers before you bring food to the classroom when appropriate.

Lost and Found

All children should have their name on their personal property. Lost and found items are placed in the blue Lost and Found cabinet, which is located across from the Student Activity Center. Please check this cabinet periodically. All items not picked up by the end of Parent-Teacher Conferences are donated to charity.


Our lunch period is from 11:24 AM -12:10 PM. Most of our children remain at school and a large number of those students purchase hot lunches, made available to us through a partnership with Grand Rapids Public School food service program.
Once per month, lunch menus are sent home with the students. The menu can also be viewed online at and also in the Wealthy newsletter by clicking on the Food Service link. Lunches sold at school include milk. Children who bring lunch from home may also purchase milk at school. Lunch prices are $3.50 per day and milk is priced at $.50 per carton. Parents may deposit money into an account for their child(ren) so they may use this account to purchase lunch/milk. Money may be sent to the office or can be deposited online at Parents are notified when lunch accounts fall below $0.00. If writing a check, please make it payable to Grand Rapids Public School Nutrition Services.
Kindergarten, 1st, and 5th graders eat during the first lunch period (11:24 AM - 11:47 AM) while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are outside. These groups then switch for the second lunch period (11:47 AM - 12:10 PM). Parents may sign their child(ren) out of school for lunch, however, space does not allow for parents to eat in the lunch room.


In order to receive Wealthy's newsletter (which is delivered via email each Monday), you must subscribe to the mailing list; you may do so by clicking here. The deadline for submissions to the newsletter is Friday at noon and may be emailed to


Click here for PTO information.


Recess is an important time for children to engage in play and physical activity. Students may stay in the office for recess with a doctor’s note only. Our students have three recesses a day: morning recess is from 10:10-10:25 AM; lunch recess is for 20 minutes during lunchtime; and the afternoon recess is from 2:05-2:20 PM. During the morning and afternoon recess, four teachers and, at lunch, para-educators, are assigned to different sections of the playground for supervision. If the temperature or wind chill is at or below 0 degrees, students will have indoor recess.

Safety Patrol

We are fortunate that many of our fifth grade students volunteer to serve as crossing guards on a few of our street crossings and corners. We urge you to talk to your children about the responsibility and importance of this job, and we ask that your child cooperate, respect the crossing guards, and follow their directions when crossing. Please feel free to call school about any safety problems that you feel need attention.

Severe Weather and Other Emergencies

If there is a severe weather watch or warning during school hours, students will remain in school until regular dismissal. They may be detained beyond the school’s regular dismissal time if weather conditions warrant. Parents may pick up their child(ren) at any time, or the child may be released to any adult designated by the parent.
If a watch or warning occurs outside of school hours, the school district will not begin any school activities (sports, PTA, etc.). During a tornado watch or warning; if the activities are in progress, the students will be dismissed and the activities will stop. After school activities may be held if such activities are scheduled to begin one hour after a tornado watch or warning has been lifted.
Conditions conducive for tornado formation exist in the area. Children and staff may be detained beyond regular dismissal, if weather warrants.
One or more tornadoes have been sighted in the area. Take cover immediately. Children will NOT be sent home.

The possibility of severe storms, including dangerous lightning, damaging winds, and possible hail exists in the area. Children dismissed at regular time unless severe weather conditions exist.
Storms as described above are in the area and are imminent. Children may be detained. In the event of any of the above conditions, keep tuned to the radio or television for details.
In the event of a fire, the school building will be evacuated in a safe and orderly manner. Fire drills are held during the year. A planned route is explained to the children and we are proud of the fine cooperation of the children during these drills. We customarily empty the building in less than 60 seconds.

School Hours

School Hours
Children Enter: 8:15 AM
Class Begins: 8:20 AM
AM Recess: 10:10 – 10:25 AM
Lunch 11:24 AM – 12:10 PM
PM Recess: 2:05 – 2:20 PM
Dismissal: 3:19 PM


All volunteers working at Wealthy Elementary must enter through the office, sign in, and wear a Volunteer Badge. Once the volunteer has completed the Volunteer Consent Form and the District has approved them to volunteer, the volunteer can pick up their badge in the Wealthy Office. Upon leaving the school, the volunteer will sign out and leave the badge in the office.