Book Talks

Video Book Talks is a concept created by the Wealthy Elementary Cultural Ambassadors Committee. This group of individuals meets throughout the year to discuss, plan, and implement activities and methods for teaching students how to navigate successfully in a global community. Through video read alouds broadcast during the lunch hour, staff are able to share some of their favorite picture books and novels with students. Currently, we are focusing on texts that cultivate an understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives or experiences. Our goal is to foster a love of reading while also learning to value what is unique about each one of us.
   Whoever You Are
  • This simple picture book encourages readers to acknowledge our differences, recognize our similarities, and appreciate both!
The Girl in the Yellow Dress
  • Wealthy Elementary partners with Kids' Food Basket annually. In this book talk, Mrs. Bishop shares the story of a girl from the Grand Rapids community who suffered from food insecurity.
The Water Princess
  • First Grade teachers share the story of Princess Gie Gie who had to walk miles every day to collect clean drinking water fro her family in Africa.
In 2015-16, teachers participated in Tag Talks with various authors who have visited our school. A Tag Talk is a short book talk that introduces a new text, author, or high-interest topic that students might want to read.  Just like the game of tag, the book reviewer ends by tagging the next person to introduce the next book. Below are some sample Tag Talks.
Tag Talk #16 - Cowboys by David L. Harrison - Author Laura Purdie Salas
Tag Talk #14 Dolphins by Melissa Stewart - Student
Tag Talk #15 Mr. Mysterious & Company by Sid Fleischman - Author Melissa Stewart