Tag Talks (aka Book Talks)

2015-2016 Tag Talks  |  Tag Talk #16 - Cowboys by David L. Harrison - Author Laura Purdie Salas  |  Tag Talk #15 - Mr. Mysterious & Company by Sid Fleischman - Author Melissa Stewart  |  Tag Talk #14 - Dolphins by Melissa Stewart - Student  |  Tag Talk #13 - Deadly Predators - National Geographic Kids by Melissa Stewart - Mr. Morris  |  Tag Talk #12 - Baboons by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Froehlich  |  Tag Talk #11 - Terrific Tongues by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Siegel  |  Tag Talk #10 - When Rain Falls by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Anderson  |  Tag Talk #9 - A Place for Turtles by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Sawade  |  Tag Talk #8 - Snakes by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Gallavin  |  Tag Talk #7 - No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Bishop  |  Tag Talk #6 - Feathers: Not Just For Flying by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Miller  |  Tag Talk #5 - Beneath the Sun by Melissa Stewart - Student  |  Tag Talk #4 - Meteors by Melissa Stewart - Mr. Saunders  |  Tag Talk #3 - Why are Animals Blue? by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. McKee  |  Tag Talk #2 - Deadliest Animals - National Geographic Kids by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. Doele  |  Introduction & Tag Talk #1 - Robots - National Geographic Kids by Melissa Stewart - Mr. Morey

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Tag Talks by Teachers, Students, and Wealthy Elementary School Community Members

What is a "Tag Talk"? 
A short book talk that introduces a new book, author, or high interest topic that students might be interested in reading more about.  Just like the game of tag, the book reviewer ends by tagging the next person to introduce the next book.
How does it work?
When tagged just select your latest "favorite book" to share.  Your tag talk review needs to include three elements:
1) You need to find a connection in your book to the book of the person who tagged you.
2) You need to highlight one or two things in your book that made it a good read. 
3) You need to finish your tag talk by tagging someone else.  You do so by reading the following phrase:
"I tag _________. __________, how can you make a connection to [name the book you just spoke about] with your own book within the next week."
Who would be a good person to tag?
You can always tag teachers.  Tagging friends is fun as well, but it is always nice to make sure they want to play before tagging them.  The same is true for family, friends, and community members.
Need help recording your Tag Talk? 
Most Tag Talks are filmed with a phone, iPad, iPod, or other easy to use device.  Nevertheless, should you need help, just ask your teacher or Mr. Morey.
About the idea for Tag Talks
Everyone loves the excitement and anticipation of a game of Tag.  We borrowed the idea of playing "Tag" with books from an e-book called,  Poetry Tag Time by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong.  In the book, poets play "Tag" with poems making connections as they go.  We began playing our game of "Tag Talks" by tagging teachers and making connections with Melissa Stewart's books, in preparation for her school visit.  We have had so much fun seeing our teachers and friends make connections and highlight books that we plan to continue playing throughout the year! 
~The Wealthy Elementary TEAM

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Tag Talk #3 - Why are Animals Blue? by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. McKeeGo To Top of Page

Tag Talk #2 - Deadliest Animals - National Geographic Kids by Melissa Stewart - Mrs. DoeleGo To Top of Page

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